Sorgente Group Foundation

On January 2007, thanks to the passion for art and the effort of President Valter Mainetti and Vice-president Paola Mainetti, the Fondazione Sorgente Group, Istituzione per l’Arte e la Cultura, was constituted. It’s a no-profit institution focused on the promotion and divulgation of all the different expressions of culture and arts belonging to our national heritage, at national and international level.
Fondazione is supported by the economic contribution of Sorgente Group, an international real-estate financial company, specialized in the creation and management of investment funds, focalized on buildings considered iconic for their geographic position, history and architectural importance.
The interest of Fondazione Sorgente Group is particularly concentrated on a pair of main branches: the Greek and Roman antique sculpture, with a peculiar attention to Julio-Claudian dynasty imperial portraits, like the celebrated head of Marcellus, as well as Old Master paintings from the 15th century (for example the exquisite panel painted by Pinturicchio) to the 18th century Roman-school large landscapes, going through the Baroque Emilian School, which include works painted by two of its major painters: Guercino and Guido Reni.
Fondazione mainly develops research activities, as well as promotion and appreciation of its own art collections through the direct organization or participation in conferences, involving famous personalities from the academic and scientific world. On June 2012 Fondazione opened its own Exhibition Space Tritone, inside the “Palazzo del Tritone” the Roman headquarters of Sorgente Group. Inside the space, the Fondazione organizes temporary shows, open to the public, to promote its own collections.
The chance of managing its own space has revealed a point of strength for the Fondazione, as it constitutes an opportunity of direct promotion of its own art works, using the most advanced exhibition facilities, perfectly harmonized with a more academic approach.