In the painting collection are present various examples of paintings made by various renowned Italian and foreign artists who worked in Italy from the XV to the XVIII century. In this collection various extremely significant paintings belonging to the Bolognese and Emilian School, by Masters as Guido Reni and Guercino, are present. Masterpieces such as the "Madonna with the Blessing Child" by Bernardino di Betto, well known as Pintoricchio (D.M. 11/10/1990) – dated to the end of the XV century (on exhibition in the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria (February 2nd – August 31st) on occasion of the Exhibition in honor of the painter) – and The Holy Family with the young St. John and angels by Michele di Rodolfo del Ghirlandaio, dated to the XVI century also belong to the painting collection, together with various paintings which belong to the landscape painting (vedutismo), dated to the XVIII century, such as two wonderful works which certify the level of that kind of painting within the Roman environment and which witness all the architectural and landscape changes in Rome.

    • Madonna with the Blessing Child Tempera on wood
      Late 15th century

    • Virgin and Child with the young St. John and Angels
      1550 ca.

    • Virgin in prayer
      1627 ca.

    • Portrait of Guercino and his mother Elena Ghisellini, with a Lagotto Dog
      1627 ca.

    • Saint Cecile with a Portable Organ, Another Saint and a Putto
      1630 ca.

    • Sophonisba
      Executed in 1637-39 ca.

    • Diana the Huntress

    • Saint Cecile

    • Repenting Mary Magdalene

    • Virgin and Child
      ca. 1650

    • Fortune and Cupid
      1660 ca.

    • View of the Colosseum with Archaeologists and Laborers at Work
      1705 ca.

    • View of the Tiber at Castel Sant'Angelo
      1730-40 ca.

    • Rome Under the Snow

    • View of Campo Vaccino in Rome
      1740-45 ca.

    • Genre Scene next to the Traian Column
      1770 ca.

    • Jupiter and Mercury reveal themselves to Philemon and Baucis
      1798 ca.

    • Horse and coach

    • Collection of handwritten letters and sketches

    • The Brunelleschi's Rotonda in Florence

    • Battle
      1945-50 ca.

    • Emilie

    • The Angel