In January 2007, thanks to the financial support of the Sorgente Group, the non-profit Sorgente Group Foundation, Institute for Art and Culture was established with the aim of promoting the manifold expressions of Italian cultural and artistic heritage on a national and international level. The Sorgente Group has always had particular regard for the world of culture and the arts. The fact that the Group chose to name its investment funds after the great figures of History of Art (Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Donatello etc.) represents only the most candid expression of this integral characteristic. The Historical and Trophy Buildings Fund takes the historical interest, architectural value and urban centrality of prestigious buildings as requisite credentials for their acquisition. Alongside its usual activities, the Group has also undertaken efforts to support the conservation, development and appreciation of various expressions of artistic creativity, through direct investment in works, support for research projects, and the funding of restoration. The Sorgente Group Foundation is committed to the purchase of works of art, in particular the paintings and archaeological works of ancient Greece and Rome, with the objective of promoting studies, contributing to restoration, improving conservation efforts, and above all encouraging their appreciation. The organization and promotion of exhibitions, conferences and forums with artistic and cultural themes is among the Foundation’s key aims, whether coordinated directly or in collaboration with public and private institutions such as universities, museums or research centres. The Foundation offers its support to research, scientific publications and educational projects, venturing contribution to scholarship funds and encouraging media promotion through the internet and audiovisual as well as traditional means. In fostering the development of knowledge alongside the enhancement of its collection, the Foundation collaborates with many distinguished figures from the relevant disciplines of the cultural arena. These are brought together to form the Foundation’s Scientific Committee, which is chaired by Professor Claudio Strinati, former Special Superintendant for Rome’s Museums.

Administrative Seat: Via del Tritone, 132 (00187 Roma)
Tel.: +39.06.5833.2919 – Fax: +39.06.5833.2834
Legal Seat: Clivo di Rocca Savella, 1 (00153 Roma) – Fiscal Code: 97454360583